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who we are

Hi, I'm Erin and this is my daughter R. R is my firstborn child and a beaming source of joy and light in our family. I started to notice developmental differences in R around two years old. We were referred to a developmental pediatrician and started early intervention services. We were recommended ABA therapy which we declined, and instead, focused on supporting her development with the help of some fantastic Speech and Occupational therapists. I was introduced to the concept of Neurodiversity online and felt immediately drawn to its core message- differences are not deficits. People experience and interact with the world in a variety of ways and there's no one right way!

I created SpinsandStomps ( a tribute to the way R expresses joy ) to help other families on a similar journey in learning. When I first learned about autism I felt devastated by the pathological and narrow lens through which the medial model presented autism. I knew my daughter wasn't disordered or in need of fixing. She perceived and interacted with the world differently, but certainly wasn't disordered. I  started sharing our journey to not only advocate for autism acceptance and Inclusion but to bear witness to autistic joy and pride- a side of autism parents, unfortunately, don't often hear about. 

Here you'll mostly see our journey in learning about sensory processing, gestalt language processing, and augmentative and alternative communication, but you'll also see bits of family life, how we're navigating new stages of growth and development, and how we support each other's needs as a neurodiverse family. Thanks for being here and learning with us. 

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